Watch Me Build A Custom Loop!

Who am I?! I am a technology journalist/reviewer/influencer on Youtube. Basically I make videos about computers on the internet and it is my ultimate goal to do this full time. I love video production, I love computer technology and really anything tech related, phones, cameras, ect.

So why does this site look so ghetto? Wellll I used to have a good site and then some stuff went down... Long story short, until I can find the time to Word Press a website all over again here is some info:

Twitter: @watchtimmyjoe
Instagram: @watchtimmyjoe
Facebook: TimmyJoeReviewsAnything

If you are a manufacture looking to have products reviewed please email me.

If you are a fan and want to send me some interesting hardware please email me.

So there are several ways to get a hold of me. Don't be shy!
If you have a idea for my youtube channel, even if you just want to say hi twitter is my favorite, but I want to start a dialog via discord so check that out.

If you want to help the channel out you can use this banner to shop, I literally get a small kick back on anything you buy! (or click here if you have adblock)

(please note that the 20k subscriber giveaway is currently on hold, financial situations have changed things however I will be doing something for 20K contest wise, I'm just concentrating on keeping the channel a-float right now)